Inga Cirule
Dotted mandalas, interior items and other works
A person's life is a beautiful journey. At the beginning of the trip, we don't know where it will take us and what we will experience, but that's what makes this trip interesting. In my life's journey I have reached a special turning point for me, where the desire to express my inner feelings, creating something beautiful, has materialized in dotted mandalas. The impulse to create each mandala has been a feeling at some point associated with the colors and possible pattern of the mandala. The biggest inspirer is nature and processes in nature. However, the end result is never the one imagined at first, because in the process of creation there is an organic change - which color to put more, which less, how small points to put, what exactly to paint. By dotting every work, I am very grateful to the universe for the opportunity to do this, and each mandala is an energetic wish for its future owner - to have love, joy, abundance, self-confidence, inner peace and so on. Let it all happen!

In gratitude to the universe,

Inga Cirule


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